Ing. Jaroslav Kocán

The workshop and studio was set up in 1990 and deals with the production and restoration of stained glass, fusing and unusual lighting design with lampshades and decorative objects. The work is both for commisioned customers and for general decorative use, such as glass panels for cupboards and other furniture.

The best quality materials from world renowned glass manufacturers; BULLSEYE, KOKOMO, UROBOROS, SPECTRUM, ARTISTA, are use The choice of materials is made personally from the central warehouses in Germany and Austria which results in the superior quality of the stained glass made and especially the visual effects of each piece of work.

The stained glass is produced using traditional methods of setting glass pieces into lead frames which are then soldered along their length and they can be patinated or antiqued at the final stage to the customer´s requirements.

The stained glass can be inserted into thermal insulated double glazing if required.

Supporting frames and load bearing structural designs both for glass stained panels and lightnings can be provided "turn key" unless otherwise stated.

The price is calculated according to the particular project on a job-by-job basis and depends on the materials used and the intricacy of the motive and pattern. As each product is a unique piece of work no set price can be given and the price is always worked out according to the particular contract.

-Contracts undertaken-

  • Shorty´s Pub - Prague Ruzyně Airport, Terminal 2
  • Hotel Kempinski (reception) - Hybernská, Prague
  • Hotel Aura Palace - Karlovy Vary Spa
  • Nebozízek Residential Complex - Karlovy Vary Spa
  • Bělohrad Spa - Spa House "Tree of Life" - logo
  • DAP Prague - VIP room
  • University of Economics, Prague - library
  • Castle Restaurant - Dobříš
  • Senior Citizens Residential Home(lounge) - Strakonice
  • Senior Citizens Residential Home - Vojkov
  • Archbishop´s Seat, Prague - Chapel
  • Archbishop´s Seat, Královéhradecké - library
  • Church Sv. Jana Křtitele Orlické Záhoří
  • Church Sv. Jana Křtitele Vrčeň
  • Church Sv. Vavřince Mělník
  • Church Sv. Jana Křtitele Dolní Hbity